Should You Sleep With A Guy Right Away (Shocking Answer)

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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Should You Sleep With A Guy Right Away (Shocking Answer)

Hi Everyone, it’s me again, Amy North, a relationship coach from Vancouver BC and I work with women who are looking to improve their love lives.

In this video below, I’ll talk about something that I’m asked all the time…

Should you sleep with a guy right away?

Well, when it comes to sex especially when it’s with someone new, there are a handful of things you should first think about.

For starters, do you want a real relationship with this man or would you be happy with a casual fling?

The thing is having sex right away doesn’t necessarily kill your chances of having a relationship but it can change the dynamic between the two of you.

That’s why it’s so important that you clarify what it is you were looking for beforehand if you don’t then he may think you’re just looking to have some fun

To get back to the question should you sleep with a guy right away?

Unfortunately, there’s no guidebook that tells us the right time to pop between the sheets with a man. However, there are certain things you should consider.

First is the old-fashioned notion that sleeping with someone too soon will make him lose respect for you. That’s not a one-size-fits-all reality because it does depend on the man and his personal beliefs.

Recently, Cosmopolitan did a poll on this and discovered that 67% of men wouldn’t think less of a woman for having sex on the first date, but still, the age-old debate will continue…

Men’s magazines will keep coming up with guides to getting laid on the first date, and women around the world will keep wondering how soon is too soon.

The next thing you should consider is the idea that having sex too soon could kill the chase for him. In other words, since he can have you, he won’t want you. Well, that may be true in some situations.

The bigger question is do you want to be with someone who’s just in it for the sex anyways?

Holding off may seem like a good idea, but what’s going to bother you more?

If you give it time before sex and he blows you off after the fact, or if you let it happen right away and he blows you off after anyways.

The most important thing to guard in a relationship is your heart. It’s important to take into consideration how you can handle these scenarios.

Instead of worrying about shame or losing respect, consider what it is that you ‘re looking for before getting frisky with a fellow.

For some women, keeping sex out of the picture while getting to know men helps them connect better with their date’s personality.

For other women, the opposite happens because the sexual attraction gets in the way. Strange as it sounds, if you’re one of these people and having early on could actually increase your chances of building a real relationship after the fact, why?

Because you’ll be able to focus on getting to know him without being distracted by sex.

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