The Secret Shortcut to a Man’s Heart

By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

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The Secret Shortcut to a Man’s Heart

Today I’m going to be sharing with you the SECRET shortcut to making a guy fall in love with you. But first, I have to warn you: this may feel unnatural.

It may feel scary and go against all of your intuitive feminine instincts.

But it works – I promise.

The secret shortcut to a man’s heart is: to let him IN, you first have to set him FREE.

Let me explain.

Men are extremely independent by nature. They like to live by their own rules and make their own decisions.

They CRAVE freedom.

One of guys biggest fears in dating is that a relationship will take AWAY all of their freedom.

A guy may have seen a woman enter one of his best buddies lives, only to find that 6 months down the track his friend is no longer turning up to golf or boys nights, AND he is selling the motorbike he used to ride every weekend.

‘No way is that happening to me’, he thinks to himself.

And as a result, the minute he senses a woman starting to organize his schedule or question how much time he spends with the guys, he leaves her without looking back.

The thing is, a man already has so many demanding responsibilities and obligations in his everyday life – don’t we all? So the LAST thing he wants is to feel that he is coming home to yet another obligation.

An obligation is like the DEATH of freedom. It’s the difference between HAVING to do something and WANTING to do something.

Obviously, the OPPOSITE of what any woman wishes to do is push the guy she likes away.

But we women have our own feminine instincts. Rather than craving freedom, we crave emotional closeness and CONNECTION. And naturally, we want to pull our men closer to us – and keep them close.

So to try to satisfy our needs for love and reassurance, we look for signs like how much time our man is spending with us, and how much he prioritizes us over other people and things in his life.

And often if we feel that we aren’t being given ENOUGH time and attention, we complain about it.

When instead, we should really be exercising the SECRET shortcut to a man’s heart.

In order to win your man’s heart forever, you have to BECOME his source of freedom!

So rather than asking yourself how you can get a guy to commit to you, ask yourself how you can build up the passion and excitement between the two of you so that he will never WANT to leave.

Make it never feel like an obligation to spend time with you. You have the POWER to create a space of passion, fun, excitement, warmth and affection.

Be the warm haven he wants to ESCAPE to at the end of the day.

Let him have freedom and space to be himself, and show your respect and admiration for everything he does.

Let him lead his life the way he wants to and be sure to have your OWN life as well.

Set him free… so that he can CHOOSE to make his way back to you.

When we love something, it is never an obligation. And when a guy feels completely unrestricted, he will make a far more amazing partner.

He will be more loving and affectionate, a better listener, less distractible, and closer to you than he has EVER allowed himself to be with anyone before.

A man who has a great relationship PLUS a strong sense of personal freedom will feel like the cat who got the cream. And you can be sure that he will KEEP coming back for that cream…

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