Are You Overanalyzing Your Ex’s Behavior?

By Brad Browning
From The Ex Factor Guide

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Are You Overanalyzing Your Ex’s Behavior?

Hi, I’m Brad Browning.

Every single day I help many women around the world reunite with their exes…

And although every situation is unique in some way, there’s one thing that almost all my clients tend to do…

They overanalyze their exes behavior!

They’ll try to read between the lines and find the deeper meaning behind anything their exes said or done.

If you’re actively trying to win back your ex, then you’re probably guilty of this too. After all, when you’re feeling desperate or helpless, and you can’t think about anything other than your ex, it’s only natural to try and analyze every minor detail of your ex’s behavior.

Unfortunately, this type of obsessive overanalyzing is almost always a waste of your time and energy.

Occasionally, there’s actually a hidden meaning to your ex’s actions or words, but most of the time, 99% of the time, it’s all in your head.

For example, one of my personal coaching clients recently emailed me to ask whether his ex’s recent Facebook status update in which she said, she was loving being on vacation was secretly intended to make him jealous.

Now, to this particular client, this Facebook status update that his ex posted, was probably painful to read. I mean, she’s loving being on vacation without him. How could she do that?

But to those of us who are not emotionally invested in this situation, it seems a bit crazy to assume that this seemingly innate status update could possibly be intended to make her jealous…

And although I can’t say this for certain, it’s extremely likely that she was just telling the world that her vacation was going well. So nothing to analyze!

Not only is this type of overanalyzing a waste of energy, but it can also be dangerous.

For example, what if this client had reacted to his ex’s recent status update by sending her an angry message? That would just make him seem desperate and petty, and make his ex upset, and generally, make the situation worse.

So it definitely can be dangerous unless you’re absolutely certain that your ex’s actions or words are directed at you, and intended to send a message…

And again, most times they’re not.

Don’t try and analyze things further because you’ll probably do more harm than good.

Yes, it is true, sometimes your ex’s words or actions really do carry some sort of hidden message or signal that you need to decode…

But that’s very rare!

Most of the time, there’s no deeper meaning…

There’s no hidden sign that you can interpret…

And doing so will have zero positive impact on your attempts to win them back!

So don’t even try.

Instead of worrying about what your ex is doing, or say which at this point is almost certainly beyond your control, focus on yourself and the things that you can actually control.

Trust me, in the long run, ignoring your ex and focusing on yourself will be far more helpful and far less painful.

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