9 Ways To Tell If He’s A Great Man

By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

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9 Ways To Tell If He’s A Great Man

Often I receive emails from readers asking me questions about their man, or about how to find great men, and they want to know how to tell if a man is right for them.

Well, obviously every man is different, but most GREAT men, possess most of these qualities (they are listed in no particular order)…

1. A great man will appreciate you for what you have to offer and NOT what you don’t

Great men highly value authenticity and honesty, which is why if you’re a woman who is able to be comfortable with who you are, he’s going to find you much sexier than someone who’s pretending to be someone she’s not.

Besides, focusing on the things you don’t have is a glass half empty attitude to have, which is going to put a lot of guys off. Men are simple creatures.

A great man won’t want you to change, and definitely not to please him. As long as you remain authentic, you’re the same woman they were attracted to and fell in love with.

2. A great man has a sense of purpose

A great man has goals, dreams, and ambitions. This applies both to his career and his home life. He might not always be at his pinnacle or perfect place, but he’s working towards his goals and looks for a woman who supports and respects his goals and ideals.

If you can recognize a man who has goals and ambitions and more importantly is actively working towards achieving them, hang on to him! He’s going places!

3. A great man has humility

As much as you may believe that saying sorry or being wrong is a sign of weakness, a great man will recognize when he may be wrong or may have hurt you, and will apologize. Imperfection is to be human.

Recognizing imperfection and allowing for it is a sign of being more human, not less human. Any man who can say sorry when something has gone wrong is able to learn. That makes him great.

If he’s unable to apologize or recognize imperfection, he’s unable to learn and grow.

4. A great man is good at decision making

There are times in your life when you need a man to show leadership, and for those decisions to be made firmly and decisively.

A man who has the confidence to make decisions and stick to them is going to succeed far beyond a man who can’t or won’t make a decision.

The difference?

A proactive man who empowers himself and makes things happen versus a reactive man who gives away that power and only reacts to what happens around him.

5. A great man doesn’t need permission from others to make decisions

A great man won’t need to consult others or gift his power to others to make decisions for him. Part of being an adult is making decisions and taking responsibility for them.

A great man will stand by decisions he makes, without the need to deflect blame or look to others to support him.

Note: On the flip side of this, a great man won’t cater to every whim and desire of yours, as he’ll have a strong internal frame of reference from which to make his decisions.

6. A great man accepts himself for who he is.

A lot of women seek out men, only to change them into something they prefer as they get to know them. A great man doesn’t seek out the approval of others as a measure of self-worth.

Key to his principles is accepting who he is, his strengths, skills, integrity, and passion, and being proud of it. A great man doesn’t ‘need’ someone to complete him or make him into something better. He’s proud of who he is.

7. Great men love it when you take initiative (in life as well as in the bedroom)

Great men support you in your goals and aspirations and when you are taking action to achieve them. Some men will try to hold you back because they have their own ideas about how your family life ‘should be’ but remember you two are a team.

A great man respects someone he can see as an equal. By displaying initiative, being able to problem solve and take responsibility for your own life goals, you are showing him that you are a high-status person who is living life at his level.

It also removes any implied sense of neediness and positions you as a team, one that can rely on each other when needed and can achieve more as a team than as individuals.

They say every machine is only as good as the sum of all its working parts, which is why if you can step up and take the initiative, make decisions for yourself, and not look to him to make all the decisions in the relationship, he’ll respect you for it.

Take care of that overdue bill if you have time. Fix that blown lightbulb if you know where the spares are kept. Take charge and seduce him.

You heard right. You take the lead. Ravage him. Show him how you like it to be done. A great man will love you for it.

8. Great men are trustworthy

A relationship is not a competition. A great man is in a relationship for a reason. You may not always understand him or what he’s thinking, but trust me, if he’s in the relationship it’s because he wants to be there and because he loves you.

Men are simpler than you like to think. If he’s not happy he can leave. But a great man, one who stands beside you in a relationship, is there because he wants to be. Celebrate that.

The trust you place in him will be rewarded tenfold with an amazing relationship.

9. A great man knows the balance of busy and quiet.

Life has ebbs and flows and a great man recognizes this and works hard when needed, but also has time for quiet and relaxing. It’s the difference between living to work, and working to live.

Life has challenges and there are times when extra effort is required, both in terms of exertion and time. But to make those hectic, high-pressure times worth it, it must be balanced out with things that bring fulfillment and pleasure.

A lot of men can get caught up in the pace of life and forget what’s important, like time with friends and family, and making time for himself.

A great man understands the demands of busy and quiet times, and part of being in a relationship with a great man is supporting both of those times, knowing that when the pressure is on, there is a goal to be achieved, and the reward is those special quiet times.

I’m sure there are other ways to tell if he’s a great man, but that’s a great start.

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