5 Sure-Fire Signs He’s Into You

By Mia Summers
Author of Conversation Chemistry

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5 Sure-Fire Signs He’s Into You

Guys have a reputation for being cryptic when it comes to their feelings. However, I don’t really agree with this perception.

Here’s my unpopular opinion: A lot of the time, women don’t have a developed radar for reading a guy’s feelings. So they miss out on the important signals that tell them how a guy really feels about them.

But the good news is that it only takes a bit of practice to learn how to read the guy. I do get that there are challenges because some men aren’t good at processing their emotions. But nevertheless, you shouldn’t let this get in the way of trying to know your guy better.

To help you get started with figuring out his feelings for you, let’s take a look at the Top 5 indicators that he wants to be more than friends.

Indicator #1: He wants to be an important part of your life

A smitten man will naturally want to involve himself in the stuff that matters to you. This includes your personal and social circles, the stuff that you like to do and things that you’re passionate about.

These things make up a big part of who you are, and this is what attracted him to you in the first place. So naturally, he wants to be part of that.

Indicator #2: He clears his schedule for you

The one thing that guys value the most about themselves is their freedom. That means that time is one of the most valuable commodities they have. And if he’s dedicating chunks of that to hanging out with you, then you should not take that for granted.

You know your guy is in love if he wants to spend time with you and shows up for your social engagements and other things that he doesn’t necessarily have to do. That’s a BIG sign that you’re important to him.

Indicator #3: He’s giving you clues about his feelings

Even guys who aren’t exactly the talkative type will try to get their true intentions across. Chances are he won’t say out loud that he’s in love with you. But he will imply this by letting you know how much you stand out from other women.

This is his way of saying that he chooses you over everyone else. Just look out for any statements that convey this general message.

Indicator #4: He’s making an effort

What I mean by this is that men who are in love will keep running the distance when it comes to winning you over. He treats your love and affection like the ultimate prize, so he’ll work his butt off for it.

Ask yourself, does he find every excuse to strike up a conversation with you? Is he always inviting you to hang out, even if it’s with other friends? Is he looking for every available opportunity to spend time with you, no matter how short? If you’ve answered YES to most of these, then you know that his head (and heart) is in the game.

Indicator #5: He’s doing stuff for you

This is important because a guy often likes to express affection through his actions, NOT words. This is probably why most women miss this crucial signal because they are looking for him to verbalize his feelings, but in most cases, he shows it in a different kind of way.

So, if you notice that he’s trying to help you even with small, everyday stuff, like making a coffee-run for you then he’s trying to make you happy. You see, a guy who’s into someone makes sure that she is safe and content.

If your man is showing signs of this attitude, then chances are that’s going to carry on into your future relationship.

Now that you’ve learned the tell-tale signs of a guy’s true feelings, you can better understand where he’s coming from emotionally. Use this as a foundation for getting to appreciate your guy on a deeper level and decode his signals.

However, if you really want to seal the deal with this guy, you’ll have to step up and turn up the attraction. It’s not enough to just know how he feels about you. You also need to meet him halfway.

Surprisingly enough, a good way to do this is through simple conversation. Don’t underestimate the power of good verbal play. If you do it right, you can trigger deep, powerful feelings of passion and even obsession.

Here’s a video that talks about it in detail: The One Simple Skill To Make Him Love You Forever

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