5 Conversational Flirting Tips for Women (Make Him Super Attracted To You)

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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How To Make A Man Obsess Over You

5 Conversational Flirting Tips for Women (Make Him Super Attracted To You)

Have you ever went on a date with a man who nearly bore you to death with dull stories or cheesy pick-up lines?

He probably seemed desperate or creepy…

In this article, you’ll learn some conversational flirting tips for women.

I’m going to share with you five important tips for winning over a man with words.

Tip #1. Be Playful

If you ‘relooking to win a guy over then it’s important that you show them your fun playful side.

That’s not to say that you have to be an over-the-top goofball but rather let your guard down and enjoy yourself.

To do so, be able to laugh at yourself and his jokes too. You’d be surprised how much of impact laughter can have on a man!

And if you’re the one who makes his day brighter, then he’ll be much more willing to commit to you.

Tip #2. Be Mysterious

It’s nice to feel like you know someone… BUT, it’s important not to give them too much too soon.

This means that as tempting as it may be, it’s important not to spill your guts out to him because if you do, you could send them running.

So instead of sharing your entire life story with him, pick the key bits and focus on those.

Just as you don’t want to know about his best friend from second grade or his Uncle Bill’s old ranch…share only the stories that will give him a glimpse of who you are as a person.

When you can do this in a mysterious yet flirty way, it’ll keep him wanting more.

Simply put aside the less exciting details for down the road. For now, be concise and keep his attention.

Tip #3. Be Positive

Hand-in-hand with my previous tip, it’s important that you show your positive side to your date.

This means, keeping the conversation light and breezy.

Don’t talk about your issues with your image or your fear of dying alone. Instead, be positive and talk about the things you enjoy.

Be sure to avoid any negative or draining conversation topics.

Watch your tone, be cheery, and smile a lot. As the saying goes “Smile is worth a Thousand Bucks.”

And believe me, your toothy grin is KEY to conversational flirting.

Tip #4. Asking Questions

As you probably already know, guys love to talk especially when it’s just someone they’re into romantically.

Instead of hogging the spotlight, be sure to bounce questions off him too. This may sound counterproductive especially since we’re talking about how to flirt, but you’ll be surprised what a powerful impact your ability to listen has on him.

Giving him the floor to talk will not only show him that you’re interested in what he has to say, but it’s also a huge sign of respect.

If it were you, you’d avoid a follow-up-date with someone who didn’t give you the chance to chat, right? Well, he feels the same way.

So when he’s speaking, give him your FULL attention.

This means ignoring any texts or phone calls you may be getting during your date and keeping eye contact.

If you’re looking around the room or getting distracted by something on the table, he’s going to know you’re not into him.

Be polite and make him your sole focus. Remember, flirting is more than just the words that come out of your mouth.

Tip #5. Be Yourself

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident enough to be her true genuine self.

Truth be told, men are much less oblivious than you may think. This means that spotting a woman who is faking it, is easy for them, which is why it’s so important to be yourself.

To do so, push aside anything that’s bothering you and allow yourself to be happy. Keep in mind that flirting is meant to be fun so don’t take it too seriously.

If you can show the guy that you’re with that you’re comfortable in your own skin, then he’ll be hooked in no time.

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