4 Personality Traits Men Find Incredibly Sexy

By Slade Shaw
Author of Why Men Pull Away

Learn exactly what pushes men to leave…and how to NEVER feel abandoned or rejected

Why Men Pull Away…and What Makes Them STAY In Love

4 Personality Traits Men Find Incredibly Sexy

Wondering what it is that men are looking for? It can be easy to think that men want a woman who ticks all the boxes: looks, brains, talent… the list goes on and on. And it is even easier to think;

‘How can I be all that?!!!’

But listen up ladies, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are four main traits that make a woman truly irresistible to a man, and they things that ALL women can have.

Continue below to find out what these are, and how YOU can become a sexier self.

1. Warmth

We all love receiving affection.

Warmth is the number one quality that both men and women consistently rate as their most desired trait in a partner.

Women high in warmth are friendly, kind and generous. They give lots of smiles, hugs, kisses, and compliments, which makes men feel like a million bucks and satisfies their need for closeness.

These are the women men want to come home to at the end of the day, and hold through the night.

So next time you see a cute guy at the bar, catch his eye and smile. Trust me, he will melt…

2. Confidence

You’ve heard it time and time again – confidence is sexy!!

Men love a woman who is happy with who she is – it is easy to love someone who loves themselves.

You do not need to be the most beautiful, smart, or athletic woman in the room to be confident and sexy. Everyone has qualities that are amazing and unique to them.

The secret is to flaunt these great aspects of yourself, show your gorgeous smile to the world and stop comparing yourself to others.

3. Optimism

Having a positive outlook on life is one of the most desirable traits a woman have.

Optimistic women are fun to be around, are easy going, and can always make the best of a situation.

Their happy-go-lucky nature is easily transferred to others and can relax the whole atmosphere in a room. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone like this?

So what’s the secret?

The secret to becoming a more optimistic woman is to start looking at the positives of everyday situations and letting go the negatives.

Think, ‘What am I grateful for today? What have I achieved?’

If you can see the good things in life, men will be attracted to your positive energy like a magnet.

4. Intelligence

Ever heard the saying that the brain is the biggest sex organ?

Yes, believe it or not, one thing that will absolutely drive a man wild is a woman who can use her wit and handle herself.

Too often movies and other media give the impression that the woman men want is a sexy airhead who lives to worship her man. This is not the case.

Men appreciate a woman they can have a proper conversation with. Stimulating the mind can stimulate other feelings of closeness and connection – creating the chemistry that will send you straight to the bedroom!

Don’t worry – being intelligent does not mean you have to have a Ph.D.!! Just that you can take care of yourself, have your own ideas, and take pride in what you do.

So never feel you should play down your intelligence ladies, don’t be afraid to challenge your man with your own opinion.

Show him who you really are and what you can do!

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