The #1 Flirting Mistake Women Make

By Amy North
From Devotion System

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How To Make A Man Obsess Over You

The #1 Flirting Mistake Women Make

Ladies, are you tired of getting attention from guys you don’t want, but going unnoticed by the guys you do?

If so, it’s because you’re making a massive flirting mistake!

Amy North, a relationship coach from Vancouver BC and author of The Devotion System, created a program designed to help women find and lock down the love they want and deserve.

In this video, she’s going to share with you the shocking truth about why you’re not getting attention from the men you want.

So stick around, because this little-known fact will change the way you flirt with men forever!

Picture this…

You’re crushing on a guy at work. Anytime you’re in the same room, you can feel your cheeks get rosy and your mind scrambles, searching for words to say…


…when you talk to him, you get tongue-tied, and you walk away feeling foolish.

Or maybe you’re smoother than that, and you’re able to hold a bit of a conversation with him.


…You’re on edge and desperate to make him fall for you.

Let’s say you have another male co-worker. You consider him a pal and think he’s cute, but you’re not into him romantically.

Still, you joke and laugh together, and the outside world may even think there’s a “spark” between the two of you. For whatever reason, you’re not into him.

Why is it that you can get the guy you’re not into interested in you…

…but not the man who you do have feelings for?

The truth is, it’s because you’re not flirting properly.

Since a big part of flirting is showing your playful, charismatic side, when you let your nerves get the best of you, it’s impossible to act this way.

This means that instead of showing the man you’re into your best self, you’re coming across as uncomfortable and awkward.

You’re letting your emotions stop you from being flirtatious, and that’s a huge mistake!

To get over this, you need to adopt the right mindset. This means you’ll need to realize three things:

#1. What a great catch you are (any guy would be lucky to have you)
#2. The value you would bring to a relationship
#3. That he should be chasing you

Once you master this mindset, you’ll be able to be witty and spontaneous around the men you’re into, which will make you seem anything but dry and boring.

Better yet, when you can be this free-spirited ball of sunshine, you’ll be able to create the sexual tension between you and the man you’re into.

Without even trying, men will just naturally be drawn to your unshakeable confidence and positivity. Believe me, it’s that simple to learn some powerful tips for upping your odds.

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